Preparation Coaching Session

It's easy to push presence into the future. The greatest gift you can give to the medicine that you are about to work with is to prepare and begin before you even sit in ceremony. The preparation work is the place for you to begin your journey, explore the tools you have, plant seeds of self-inquiry, and practice presence. 

Through the process of self inquiry you are learning self awareness, you will begin to shine your own light into the darkness. You cannot change what you are not aware of, and once you are aware, you cannot help but change. A sense of calm, acceptance and clear vision begins to emerge when we disintegrate old

conditioning and have the space to evolve.

This internal shift and growth organically alters your perspective and through an effortless presence, Purpose emerges. Taking this sense of purpose into your work with plant medicine helps formulate an intention that sits at the root of your being and expands into all aspects of your life.