There is Medicine in every Moment

 Integration Coaching

Every session is an invitation, loving suggestion, hopeful connection, & support for you to know that you are always held in deep, unconditional love by this medicine, this work, & the community that you are a part of on your healing journey. 

Coaching is a place to begin, to draw inspiration from, to allow ideas to spark & flourish, & to contemplate.

Our time together is in support of your preparation and your integration.

Listen & be present: the answers you seek will present themselves.  

At the innermost core we are clear, immortal beings without conditioning. Restoring & consciously experiencing pure awareness is the first step toward uncovering your essential underlying truth. 


The tools of plant medicine are powerful aids in our self-inquiry: Intentional preparation and integration of your experiences is the bridge that brings the medicine into every moment of your life.



You may not feel like you need help, or you may feel like you will be lost without it. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, there are people here to help you along the way. Whether a friend, soundboard, therapist, coach, or healer - ask for what you need. Never underestimate the power of connection; it's why we are here, it gives purpose & meaning to our lives.

Aimee Serene

iPEC Certified Professional Coach

Integrated Wellness Psychology, Bastyr University

Organizational Leadership, Arizona State University

I have always been a rule bender and a believer in doing what feels expansive. My path has led me through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual peaks and valleys. I’ve spent time in the woods, and time in a cubicle. I’ve loved what I do at times, and alternatively felt like I was “serving time”. It is what came out of those experiences that offered the greatest lessons for living from my core values.


I see the world as an opportunity to learn, to go beyond expectations, and to raise others to a higher caliber of living through awareness and intentional engineering of the future. 

I deeply believe in the power of plant medicine as an aid to support healing, personal development, and tapping into our potential as conscious beings. 

An Empowered Approach

Build your foundation with intention. Consciously choose your direction in every moment.

With a new chapter in our collective healing opening before us, the powerful tools of Ayahuasca, MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD, and Ketamine are becoming widely known and used in healing trauma, expanding consciousness and opening our direct connection to what many call Source Energy.  Working with these medicines is the next step in our collective journey, it is a gift to live in a time when we are embarking on such profound healing together. My work is in service and support of these experiences where we focus on bringing the medicine work into every moment of your life. 


Preparation Coaching Session

It's easy to push presence into the future. The greatest gift you can give to the medicine that you are about to work with is to prepare and begin before you even sit in ceremony. The preparation work is the place for you to begin your journey, explore the tools you have, plant seeds of self-inquiry, and practice presence. 

Through the process of self inquiry you are learning self awareness, you will begin to shine your own light into the darkness. You cannot change what you are not aware of, and once you are aware, you cannot help but change. A sense of calm, acceptance and clear vision begins to emerge when we disintegrate old conditioning and have the space to evolve.

This internal shift and growth organically alters your perspective and through an effortless presence, Purpose emerges. Taking this sense of purpose into your work with plant medicine helps formulate an intention that sits at the root of your being and expands into all aspects of your life.




Integration Coaching Session

It is here that our intellectual understanding becomes experiential, and our perception of ourselves and the world is transformed. 

We will focus on techniques for grounding, integration, and nurturing all facets of your experiences into tangible lessons for living. As conscious beings it is only natural that we have a curiosity for the unknown, so knowing how to keep our feet on the ground while our heads are in the clouds is imperative for our spiritual, intellectual, and creative evolution.

There are many ways to integrate, express, release, & heal. I invite you to truly listen to your inner wisdom & the medicine that is still shimmering in your cells to decide what is best for you & your divine process of connecting the cosmic dots & day-to-day living that comes once the medicine journey is closed. 

RememBEING who you are.

This is when the real work begins.

“My role and gift in life is not to teach, preach, or convince anyone of anything. I am here to empower others to get their own answers, access their true dreams, and overcome anything that gets in the way of making those dreams a reality.”

- BRUCE D SCHNEIDER, MCC, Founder of iPEC Core Energy Coaching

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